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Todays biggest new stories are as follows:

Eurozone Tearing Itself Apart:
The Bank Of England have cut their growth forecast by a third to 0.8% down from 1.2%. This is mainly down to theeurozone crisis which the governor of the Bank Of England has said it is tearing itself apart and other factors such as Greece going back to the polls, these issues continue to be a major concern the economy. Another issue is inflation which will stay at above 2% it was thought that inflation will fall earlier but that has failed to happen. The news continues to get more gloomy as energy prices rise, cost of commodities increases and squeeze on household earning get tighter. What do you think of news like this do you believe it damages confidence on consumers causing them to spend less?

UK Unemployment Falls By 45,000

Some good news for the UK economy is more people are getting back to work, the number of people unemployed is 2.63m, down by 8.2%. However most people are getting part-time jobs with very few people managing to land full-time jobs. Factors such as the eurozone means this is a very small positive in a rather gloomy picture, has your business taken on new people recently?

And The Survey Says UK Manufacturers Want More Support

Manufacturers want the government to off more practical support, the survey supports the creation of an industrial bank and a renewed focus on manufacturing skills. There is also a call for UK companies to get more of a priority when public contracts are awarded, the government has promised to diversify the economy. The manufacturers are not buying into the government words only 26% thought the government was doing enough, over 50% of them expressed concerned about the sector believing manufacturing will not play a significant part in the UK economy in a decades time. As a manufacturer do you feel like you should get more support, do you feel you don’t have the enough resources to compete internationally?

UK Largest Retailer Could See A Sales Increase of £235m

New forms of selling such as Smart TV's, Mobile Apps and Online could add additional sales of £235million for the UK's top 10 retailers by 2014. The report commissioned by ebay stated that this new forms of selling could add a potential £2.4bn to the retail industry, this will then lead the technology to indirectly influence a further £9.1bn in retail sales during the same period. It's believed that retail is on the verge of the third technological wave. The biggest contributor is to  interactive TV which is estimated to generate sales of £750m by the end of 2014. Is your business equipped for this technological wave or are you struggling to keep up with the trend?

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