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Government Reveals First Empty Buildings To Become Available For Start Up Businesses

Twenty empty government building will now become spaces available for new start-up business it has been announced. Eighteen locations across England have been identified in areas such as London, Rugby, Leeds, Birmingham and many more. The government is now inviting business start-up organisations to manage anddivide these spaces to new start-ups as well as offer these new start-ups with the support and advice they need.The main reason the government has began these initiative is because new businesses find it difficult to find new spaces due to high rent, so the goal is to offer low-cost facilities.

The View:
Good step from the government here after the last financial year the government cut down the amount of building that they used meaning that their was plenty of space so they are putting it to good use. This should be a plus for these new start-ups because the leases are flexible and the cost low, in the future it is hinted that more building may become available like this.

Your Business Looking For Space?, Thinking Of Starting A Business But No Space?

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Car Insurance Market To Be Probed
The Office of Fair Trading has provisionally decided to refer the private motor insurance market to the CompetitionCommission after it found evidence the insurance compete in a dysfunctional ways that pushes up premiums by £225m a year. Example after a road traffic accident the at-fault driver's insurance is liable to meet the cost of repairs, the OFT found that the insurance company for the at-fault drivers have little control over the way these repairs are carried out, so brokers, hire organisation and repairers can take advantage of this by charging referrelfee and bumping costs of repairs. Based on this the OFT believes it has strong enough grounds suspect foul play and is to help probe the market.

The View:
Markets such as car insurance should be more tightly regulated it is cause of a few people not playing by the rules that affects all of us, hence why car insurance has skyrocketed recently and this is one off the reasons why, hopefully issues like this can be weeded out and everyone can get a better deal on their insurance.

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North West Spirits Ride High
More than half of the North West business leaders are confident in their own company's outlook for 2012, despite the gloomy economic environment, fears of a double dip recession, ongoing turmoil in the Euro zone. Fifty Six percent of the regions executive are optimistic about their prospects of their own business more than five times as many as those who feel pessimistic about the road ahead.

The View:
Encouraging news and so it should be entrepreneurs should feel confident about the future a positive attitude does far more for your business then a negative one and despite all the recession talk a few businesses have grown and are now thriving.

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11/12/2022 12:35:14 am

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