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David Cameron Puts UK First:
David Cameron has insisted that his priorities lays in keeping Britain safe from the eurozone. In a speech to business leaders in Manchester the PM said the eurozone was at a crossroads and moving into uncharted territory. The PM insisted that the UK was on the right economic course, while they have condemned issues like the political deadlocks in Greece and its effect on other European economies. The PM went on to say the “crisis the never really went away” and the eurozone has to either make up or break up.

The View:
In my opinion these are some very strong words from Mr. Cameron but that it they are just words, we need to see some changes such as a focus on helping small businesses and stimulating our own economy will be start.
Do you support Mr. Cameron's views?, Do you believe he really is on your side?

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Hague Tells Exporters I Am In Your Corner
William Hague has pledged to exporters that the government was urging you on and fighting your cornet. The foreign secretary spelled out the ways in which his were helping firms boost their sales in key emerging economies after he highlighted how these economies will benefit growth in the UK. Hague highlighted that exporting overseas is an issue that he takes very seriously and by 2015 their will be 300 more diplomatic staff in place in 20 countries by 2015 including the likes of India and Brazil.

The View:

Exporting is a big part of the UK economy in 2010 over £425bn worth of goods were exported, now the UK's biggest exporting partners are the US, Germany, Holland, France etc. It is key that the UK moves fast into emerging markets such as BRIC and set up a presence. This should be welcome news to exporters who are finding it difficult to compete in the international arena especially with the dominance of China and the Far East as well as the emergence of India and Brazil.
Does your business export is this welcome news?, Will this be beneficial to your business?, Have you ever considered exporting your product?

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Ministers Don’t Need To Crack The Whip:
Sir Roger Carr stated in a speech to senior business leaders and politicians at the CBI Annual Dinner that minister don’t need to “crack the whip” to get growth going. He went on to say that a more constructive approach needs to be taken to help solve the nation's greatest challenge which is growth.
Six key points were highlighted:
  • Reducing the regulating burden
  • Initiating infrastructure
  • Clarifying energy policies
  • Sorting out borders and queues at Heathrow
  • Financing growth ambition focusing on smaller and medium-sized firms
  • Tackling the European solvency challenges for our larger financial institutions

 The View:I believe some valid points were made, now the UK economy is very much service based, it needs to be more diverse. There are a lot of skilled workers in the field of manufacturing who can't get jobs, so they are developing new businesses and breathing some small life back into manufacturing, having the government finance and support these businesses will be a major boost to both unemployment in manufacturing and growth in exporting. Of course the banks in Europe have to be solvent because if they run out of money then we all suffer, this is I guess one of the biggest pitfalls of the EU.
Do You Believe The right issues have been highlighted, Can your business do with a bit more support, Is your business showing size of growth or flat lining?

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New Funding Boost For Local Areas:
Town halls are being urged to apply for grant of up to £25,000 from a LGA programme intended to help put councils are the heart of reviving the local economy. This is a part of the LGA's online campaign to encourage growth in local areas across the UK. The public sector holds and uses assets worth over £350bn. The LGA has written to chief executives across the country urging them apply for the funding. Up to 15 town halls will be able to use resources from the new programme, Successful councils will need to match the funding they receive and how they intend to work with charities, other town halls and local firms.

The View:
Good news for local businesses and they should encourage their local council to apply, outline what benefits it will bring to the local area. The funding can help you grow your existing business or even help boost funding for a new idea.
Is this something your business can benefit ?, Will You Encourage your council to apply?

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Vauxhall UK to Build New Astra Plant
Good news for the UK manufacturing sector as today Vauxhall announced a historic deal which will see its Ellesmere plant produce its new generation of Astra cars, it is predicted over 160,000 new Astra cars will be produced a year. About 700 new jobs will be created directly in the plant and thousands more will be added in supply chain. The owner of Vauxhall, General Motors announced that it will invest £125mn in the factory and spend near £1bn in the UK part sector.

The View:
This is very positive news for the manufacturing industry it will hopefully be the catalyst for other companies to follow suit, also spending money in the UK market is another plus for local UK business, it is definitely good news for the UK.
Will this directly help your business?, Is this the kind of impact that the UK manufacturing industry needs?

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